Make Yeast from Potatoes

Has anyone tried making their own yeast…how about potato yeast?  I wonder if it changes flavors in breads, etc.   Make Yeast from Potatoes

What is the role of potassium in the body? – Sharecare

Here’s a quick answer to the question, “What is the role of potassium in the body?”  Potatoes are high in potassium – more than a banana!

What are Plant Phytochemicals?

I always get confused on what is what when we start talking about antioxidants, carotenoids, flavonoids, etc.  So here is a great article explaining what phytochemicals are from ‘DietBlog’. What are Plant Phytochemicals?

How the Potato Changed the World

Great little article in teh Smithsonian Magazine about some of the history of the potato. How the Potato Changed the World | History & Archaeology | Smithsonian Magazine

PMA Video Clip

Sunset in Southeast Idaho (potato country) – Oct 19, 2011

Purple reigns: Our dinner tables are bursting into colour

This is a very interesting article from the UK about purple fruits and vegetables (potatoes included) and how healthy they are. Purple reigns: Our dinner tables are bursting into colour – Features, Food… Continue reading

Beer and Potatoes for Better Health

It’s not like most people need an excuse to drink beer or eat potatoes, but this articles gives you some ammunition to keep doing both.  A lager a day and twelve purple spuds… Continue reading

The ‘NEW’ generation of super foods

Puple seems to be the “new” color.  This article talks about the benefits of purple carot and potatoes.  Have any of you eaten purple carots or purple potatoes? A New Generation of Superfoods… Continue reading

Our first snow here in Idaho Falls, ID – 10/6/11