Mother’s Day

I love May, not only is it my birthday this month, but the flowers start blooming, and it starts getting warmer. Oh, and because it’s Mother’s Day! I love my mom and I… Continue reading

Outdoor Cooking

I love to cook outdoors. Grilling, Dutch oven or over an open fire, everything seems to taste better out in nature. I’m not sure if it really is better, or just that I… Continue reading

My Mom Is Better Than Yours!

I am pretty sure that almost everyone feels this way about their mothers! I know I think my mom is awesome! With Mother’s Day fast approaching, we want to know why you think… Continue reading

Children’s Spring Coloring Contest

Do your kids like to color? Would they like the chance to win some awesome prizes? We are holding our first children’s coloring contest! All you have to do is print off the… Continue reading

Meal Mash Up – April!

This month’s Mash Up side dish is Paprika Potatoes and Green Beans! I absolutely love this recipe! It is a delicious combination of two of my favorite veggies, and the paprika adds a… Continue reading

A New Spring Recipe!

Spring is upon us. It is time to get out some fresh ingredients and make a delicious new salad recipe. We love potato salad, but that classic picnic potato salad can sometimes be… Continue reading

Potatoes for Dessert?!?

Everyone knows that potatoes can be used for side dishes, salads, and sometimes for entrees. But did you know that potatoes are often used in desserts too? This past week we were down… Continue reading

Spring Cleaning

Ah. The dreaded spring cleaning! Even the thought of cleaning usually makes me run the other direction! But don’t fear! It really doesn’t have to be an overwhelming proposition! My suggestion is to… Continue reading

Failure Is Never An Option!

OK.. so failure is never sometimes an option! Have you ever failed miserably at some craft project or recipe? Do you wonder how people make those projects and then skillfully photograph their final… Continue reading

Easter Traditions

Spring is one of my favorite times of the year. I love when the flowers start to bloom and the weather starts to get warmer. I especially love when I get to spend… Continue reading