Watch for the Johnny’s Be Good/Klondike Brands Sampling Tour at Your Favorite Grocery Store!

Have you seen the Johnny’s Be Good Sampling Trailer at your favorite grocery store yet this year? Watch for us! We started a little early this year with an initial schedule that started in Louisiana and ran through the Southeast part of the country. Our next area will be a revisiting of the Midwest including Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois and Iowa after which we go to the Northwest.

The Johnny’s Be Good Sampling Tour, the co-sponsored food trailer sampling our delicious Klondike Brands™ potatoes and Johnny’s Fine Foods seasonings, is touring the country sampling at your grocery stores all year. Our fun staff, Aimee and Heather, cook up some delectable potato samples and fill you in on all kinds of information about potatoes and seasonings. Watch for them in your stores or watch them online here!

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Wanna know where we will be next? Here are our upcoming dates!

April 11 – Ingles Markets – Asheville, NC (780 Hendersonville Road)

April 12 – Ingles Markets – Asheville, NC (1865 Hendersonville Road)

April 13 – Ingles Markets – Arden, NC

April 15 – Ingles Markets – Black Mountain, NC

April 16 – Ingles Markets – Mills River, NC

April 17 – Ingles Markets – Brevard, NC

April 18 – Leaving the Southeast heading for the Midwest!

April 26 – HyVee – Lawrence, KS (6th Street)

April 27 – HyVee – Lawrence, KS (Clinton Parkway)

April 28 – HyVee – Olathe, KS

April 30 – HyVee – Overland Park, KS


Would you love to see the tour in your town? Comment here and we will scout new areas for you to see the trailer in action!

Written by Barbara Keckler, Marketing Manager at Potandon Produce L.L.C.