Klondike Brands teams up on new Crock-Pot recipe videos with Jenn Bare from GetCrocked.com.

The time has come!  I am excited to finally announce that Monday GetCrocked.com will be releasing their first recipe video for a delicious new recipe, Breakfast Casserole.  Jenn Bare, the woman behind GetCrocked.com teamed up with Klondike Brands™ and Johnny’s Seasonings to put together a series of recipe videos along with video tips and tricks that will be shown throughout the year.

Beginning on February 24, the video will be available on the GetCrocked.com website while Klondike Brands will feature an online Buy One – Get One printable coupon on their website, http://www.klondikebrands.com and Johnny’s Fine Foods will offer free shipping on their site. Both sites will also feature Crock-Pot giveaways throughout the month of March.

I hope you will be watching!

Crock Pot Girl