Get ready to talk to Jenn Bare, author of Get Crocked: The Definitive Guide to Slow Cooking.


I’m a busy Mom.  I work full-time, then after work, I take my daughter to an hour and ½ of rodeo practice, help her with 2+ hours of homework almost every night, clean up the house, oh, and somewhere during that time I have to make dinner. Now, I love making my family a beautiful, nutritious dinner, but let’s face it, I’m a bit tired from my schedule and I am tempted by those “box” meals that only take 30 minutes from open to serve. So I have become more and more intrigued with crock pots. Over the last couple years, there have been so many of these marvels introduced, big ones, small ones, digital ones and connectible ones, you name it and you can probably find it.  I decided to spend some time with Crock Pot expert, Jenn Bare who is the author of “Get Crocked: The Definitive Guide to Slow Cooking” and founder of I specifically wanted to find some recipes that my family would love and that I would feel good serving.  I also wanted to get some tips and tricks to make my crock pot creations come out like hers.  For instance, how do I keep the edges from burning (a frequent issue when I use the crockpot).  Starting February 24,  I will be sharing the advice she gave me over the next couple months along with some delicious recipes she made for me while I was visiting with her.  I hope you love these recipes and can use the tips she gave me.  And I think that this Busy Mom is going to find some respite from my schedule with these fantastic recipes (and my family will reap the benefits).  Stay tuned!