Quick & Easy Ways to Decorate for the Holidays



What you need: Three class bottles, orange spray paint, white spray paint, and yellow spray paint (you could also use crafting paint).

Instructions: First spray the bottles with white paint. Let dry and then spray with white paint again if first coating wasn’t thick enough. Let dry and spray 2/3 of the bottle orange leaving the top white. Once paint has dried paint the bottom 1/3 portion yellow. Let dry. Now you have candy corn decorations.


What you need: Masking tape, two paper plates, and two sheets of black paper, your choice of streamer colors for the face and hair of your monster.

Instructions: Have fun and be creative!



What you need: Dried corn cornels, burlap string, fake leaves, three candles, and three candle holders of assorted sizes.

Instructions: Fill candle holder with corn cornels. Wrap the leaf with string around the candle then place in candle holder.


What you need: Picture frame, chalk, chalkboard paint (you can find this at Walmart).

Instructions: Depending on what frame you choose you can paint the cardboard, which is the back layer of the frame or you can paint the glass. Paint with at least two coats of chalkboard paint. Once dry you can draw a pumpkin or whatever you would like! The best part about this craft is you can use it all year long and just draw different pictures!



What you need: Christmas ordainments and ribbon.

Instructions: Cut ribbon in different sizes and tie on ordainments. Then attach on light fixture.


What you need: Different ribbon or fabric of your choice and a Styrofoam wreath (found in craft stores).

Instructions: Cute all ribbon/fabric the same size. The pieces should fit around the Styrofoam wreath with a few inches to spare to you can tie the ribbon together in a couple of knots. Tie ribbon closely around the wreath until it is completely covered.

Images were found at www.pinterest.com