Having Fun in Fall

Fall Fun Image

Just because summer is over doesn’t mean the fun has to stop. There are many fall activities to do that will keep you busy all season long. One of my favorite things to do is make a creamy crockpot potato soup and while it’s cooking take a drive up to the mountains to see the leaves in beautiful orange, yellow, and red colors. If you’re looking for an easy and delicious creamy potato soup recipe follow the link to find a recipe you’re sure to love. http://www.klondikebrands.com/recipes/creamy-crockpot-klondike-potatoes

Here is a list of activities that you’ll want to try this fall.

• Make homemade chili and cinnamon rolls. Invite your friends over to enjoy with you
• Bake an apple crisp
• Have dinner in a pumpkin- sounds weird but it’s delicious
• Roast pumpkin seeds
• Make a crockpot apple cider
• Bake, frost, and decorate cupcakes
• Make pumpkin cookies and take them to a friend- Don’t forget the chocolate chips
• Make caramel apples
• Visit a pumpkin patch
• Take a family photo for your Christmas cards
• Make a haunted gingerbread house with your kids
• Throw a craft party for you and your friends
• Carve/decorate a pumpkin
• Take a walk and collect leaves
• Have an indoor picnic with your kids or sweetheart
• Make a pinecone bird feeder and hang it outside
• Put up the fall decorations
• Make potato stamps with your kids
• Enjoy a family bike ride
• Create a door wreath
• Throw a Halloween party
• Prepare a nature scavenger hunt
• Visit a craft show
• Play in the leaves with your kids

Comment below if you have a favorite thing you like to do during the fall season. I would love to know what other things are out there to do!