Super Summer Vacation

Flip flops with blue decking

In late May, early June you can almost hear a unified cheer from across the country as school age children are released from their captivity, otherwise known as school, to begin their summer break.  As adults, many of us don’t get this three month break, but instead look forward to taking a week or two off and escaping to new experiences and unforgettable memories with our loved ones.  Just as Clark and his family took off towards Wally World, so we too take off to all areas of the earth to experience what we call Vacation.

Now I love summer as much as the next person, but does it appear to any of you that summer seems to operate on fast forward?  As soon as the Summer Solstice begins, time speeds up, days go faster and before you know it, September is here.  I am left wondering, what happened?  How did summer slip away so quickly?  And what did I do to enjoy it?

I challenge you this summer to live it up!  Slide into September screaming, “I did it all and I enjoyed every minute of it!” To give you some fun summer ideas, Klondike Brands is running a Super Summer Vacation Scavenger Hunt.  This creative photo scavenger hunt is happening during the month of July and is a free, nationwide, photojournalistic mobile scavenger hunt, where instead of collecting physical items, you upload photos of found items (fun summer activities) for points.  Top points earners throughout July win prizes that include National Park passes, and gift cards to REI, Sur La Table and Coleman.  Get out and start your summer vacation, and take us along to document the fun!  Click here for more information.