Memorial Day- Top 10

What does your family do for fun over Memorial Day? Camping? Boating? Swimming? See a movie? Shopping? Whatever you’re planning, make it special. And don’t forget why we have a Memorial Day to begin with!

Memorial Day, which started as  Decoration Day, is a day in which we remember those who have died in our nation’s service. Traditional observance of this great holiday have diminished over the years as many American’s have forgotten the meaning and traditions of Memorial Day and believe it to be just another day off work or school. This year, remember those who have gone before us, those who were veterans, and those who are not. This is a special day to remember those who are not with us anymore, and honoring them should be included in any festivities we plan.

This is a very special day to me, as I have family members who have and are serving in various capacities in the military. It is important to me to show my appreciation to them for their service. I treasure each and every opportunity that I get to go sit by the headstones of my family members who have gone before me, and reflect on the influence they had in my life.

Despite being a more somber holiday, my family doesn’t fail to have a good time. Whether we go camping, boating, or just have a barbeque at home, it is always special. Do you have any special traditions that your family observes on Memorial Day?

Memorial Day Top 10

Here are our top ten family activities to do on Memorial Day:

  1. Visit your local cemetery and place flags on the graves of veterans.
  2. Write letters to the troops, especially those from your local area.
  3. Attend a minor league baseball game or other sporting event.
  4. Visit a National Park. Visit to find one near you.
  5. Have a picnic in the park or mountains.
  6. Take a road trip to a famous landmark near your home.
  7. Check out all the local festivities in your area. Parades, breakfasts, parties, etc.
  8. Get your family, friends and neighbors together for a barbeque.
  9. Spend the day in the water. The lake, water parks, or the sprinkler at the house.
  10. Do an activity outdoors with your family. Ride bikes, play tennis, or go on a hike.