How to be the #BestMomEver!

Mothers Day is only a couple weeks away! And every mother I know is always trying to do better!

I’ve discovered recently how informative Instagram can be!  I searched the hashtag #BestMomEver to find some great advice on how to be the world’s greatest mom!!

Here are our top 5 ways we found to be the #BestMomEVER!!!

1. Children really like to be licked. So bring out your inner feline and lick away! Ha Ha!


2. Give your children snacks, like cookies. But make sure to try them first. Don’t worry, they won’t notice the big bite out of it.


3. Leave love notes along with your bribes! That way they won’t notice you are bribing them.


4. When your child is crazy, act crazy too! It will make them feel better.


5. Encourage your child’s candy hoarding habit by sending them extreme amounts of sugar.