Failure Is Never An Option!

OK.. so failure is never sometimes an option!

Have you ever failed miserably at some craft project or recipe? Do you wonder how people make those projects and then skillfully photograph their final product?

Although I think of myself as an accomplished girl with lots of talent, I reflected on how easy these projects look online, in magazines and on television, and how many times they look much easier than they turn out to be.

My current passion, Pinterest, has lots of these wonderful project ideas, beautifully photographed with only a few small steps to do it yourself. Do you think you can make a Santa from strawberries and whipped cream? How about making that delicious looking microwave cookie? Looks easy, right?  But a whole lot of people are failing epically (read hysterically) at those projects and sharing their fails at or

Pinterest Fail

As I try these projects, which nearly never look as wonderful as in the picture, I realized that although some of the projects don’t turn out as promised, many of us want to see those fails as much as we want to see the successes. I want to know that I’m not the only one that can’t seem to cut those potatoes in thin enough wedges or get the fabric ruffles to lay just right on my project.

At Klondike Brands, we have lots of delicious recipes on our website, some are tried and true recipes we got from you, some were created by Chef Bryan and some were created in test kitchens.  Our newest recipe, Chipotle Potato Stacks was developed here in our test kitchen (and it is delicious!). But even as we were taking photos of it for the website, we were tweaking the recipe. Even those of us who are creating these recipes can find new ways to make them easier for you.

And yes, some of what we try fails miserably but those fails sometimes lead to great breakthroughs and new ideas. Want to share some of your successful (or less than) potato recipe stories?  Share them with me on Facebook and watch for my fails (and successes) there too!

Oh. And remember!


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