2013 Flavor Forecast

Traditionally food profiles are categorized into four primary flavors: Sweet, Sour, Bitter, and Salty. The Japanese believe there is a fifth flavor- Savory- which they call “Umami.” Umami comes from foods that are high in glutamates (you might be more familiar with the term MSG, which is a type of glutamate). So whether you believe that there are four or five primary flavor profiles, the fact still remains that these are the only flavors that your mouth can actually taste. The way prepared food balances these flavors is called a flavor profile. Very unique and interesting dishes can be created using different combinations of these flavor profiles.

McCormick has recently released their 2013 Flavor Forecast. They have put together some of the most interesting and forward thinking trends for food!

The Flavor Forecast brings together a lot of sweet and bitter flavors as well as some very interesting ethnic ingredients. Here is a visual look at the information thanks to McCormick.