Jelly Beans and Peanut Soup

The Favorite Foods of the Presidents of the United States

Everyone has a favorite food. Mine happens to be baked potatoes. But in celebration of the upcoming Presidents Day, I wanted to know what the Presidents of the United States enjoyed for their favorite fare! It turns out that Presidents of the United States (past and present) are fairly normal in their food choices!

Did you know that Washington, Jefferson, and Madison all had a hankering for ice cream while in the oval office?  I didn’t even know ice cream was available back when they were in office!

And who would have thought that Jimmy Carter would love peanut soup and grits, I guess that his southern roots kept him grounded, even as the President.

Ronald Reagan is known for his love of jelly beans. He used to hand them out at the start of meetings! And did you know that Andrew Johnson loved popcorn. President Johnson even threw popcorn parties while living in the White House!

President Eisenhower loved to cook. He would make his own special beef stew for his family and guests! Sometimes making a pot big enough to feed 50+ people! That must’ve been a big pot!

Chili is the favorite of Lyndon B. Johnson and Barak Obama, while oysters were a favorite of Lincoln and Roosevelt.

Now I think Nixon was a little strange with his love of cottage cheese and ketchup, but hey, to each their own… Right! (Ewww!!)

During his presidency, Clinton fostered his love for the McDonald’s hamburger! While George H.W. Bush relished in the fact that he no longer had to eat the dreaded broccoli! He hated broccoli so much that I’m surprised he didn’t make a law stating that no one HAD to eat their broccoli!

Although no president came out and said that their favorite food was potatoes! I’m sure that there had to be at least one!

So as we celebrate Presidents Day this year, we want to know what your favorite food is! Do you have a favorite in common with any of the presidents? Which one?