Top 10 Ways To Reconnect With Your Family!


  1. Turn off the Television! Plan to focus on your family where you and your family can communicate freely, it brings your family closer together.
  2. Cook a Meal together. Planning the menu and then cooking that meal together allows for your family to express their creativity and have a great time together.
  3. Take a walk down memory lane.  Do you have scrapbooks or videos of your family that you haven’t viewed in a while? Take some time to remember those precious family moments.
  4. Plan an adventure! With your family, pull out your map, decide which way to point the car, pack a lunch and head off for parts unknown.  This is a great learning experience for kids and can be a way for adults to let go and see what can happen.
  5. Enjoy the outdoors.  Depending on where you live, January could be a great snowman building month, or one of the only months you can stand to be outside without extreme heat.  Take some time to enjoy the outdoors where you live and get some fresh air.
  6. Plan a family game night; remember to include games that the whole family will enjoy.  Make finger foods to snack on while playing.
  7. Exercise as a family. Working out together helps a family reach a common health goal, and teaches children the importance of exercise and health.
  8. Eat dinner together. Sit at the table with no other distractions and learn about everyone’s day.  Open communication helps your family learn about what is important to each other.
  9. Worship together.  Daily prayer brings joy to the soul and helps us to be more compassionate towards each other.  
  10. Go on Dates. Parents should plan regular “dates” with each child individually. Allowing one-on-one time with each child helps him or her to feel they don’t have to compete with siblings for parental attention.