Football… Just a game or a reason to entertain?

It’s something we hear every year! Why can’t football season last all year long! I’m pretty sure that it does. There is a pre-season, a post-season, a practice season, a regular season, a bowl season, a post- post season, a pre-preseason… and the list goes on and on… you get the idea! Luckily, I love watching football, but even more than watching football, I love to cook for a day of football.


I am a huge fan of entertaining. I love to host parties or even have a few friends over for the game. I have compiled some of our favorite football season recipes from here at Klondike (and a few from some of our blogger friends!) You are definitely going to want to try these! You will be the hit of the party. Maybe even more so than that crazy guy who always shows up painted blue!



Bacon Potato Rounds- Klondike Brands

Cheesy Salsa Potatoes- Klondike Brands

Grilled Kabobs- Klondike Brands

Potato Nacho Casserole- Klondike Brands

Grilled Potato Skins- Klondike Brands

Bacon and Potato Bites- Klondike Brands

Crispy Parmesan Potato Puffs- How Sweet Eats

Crispy Baked French Fries- Cookie and Kate

Nacho Fries- Edible Perspective

Roasted Potatoes (life changing)- How Sweet Eats