Potandon Produce Introduces New Klondike Express Variety and Packaging

Potandon Produce L.L.C. has announced that it is adding a new variety of potato to its line of shelf stable whole baby microwave potatoes, Klondike Express.  Klondike Express has contained Klondike Rose® potatoes since it was first introduced, but now you will be able to pick up Klondike Rose Express or Klondike Goldust® Express, adding the Goldust potato to it’s lineup in early June 2012.

Klondike Express combines cutting edge packaging technology with these two successful potato varieties, enabling convenience driven consumers to prepare one pound of whole baby fresh Klondike potatoes in just six minutes.

The company has several 30-minute potato salad recipes on its consumer website, http://www.klondikebrands.com which are based on using Klondike Express as their main ingredient.

The Klondike Express packaging is also being updated with an enhanced panel on the front of the package, highlighting the fact that fresh potatoes are fat free, sodium free, contain 18% of the recommended daily amount of Potassium per serving and 45% of Vitamin C.