Klondike Brands is a Proud Supporter of Autism Awareness!

Potandon Produce L.L.C.  in a joint effort with the Autism Society is pleased to announce the kick-off of our 2012 Autism Awareness Campaign which will run in April and May.

April was designated as national Autism Awareness month in 1972.  The observance of this month-long period provides national, state, and local groups a center-stage opportunity to educate the public on the alarmingly high incident rate of autism spectrum disorders.  The sheer amount of involvement, across the nation, in autism-related events is a testament to the collective efforts of organized groups, businesses, individuals, families and their work toward improving the lives of individuals with autism.  There is no known cause of autism, nor is there a “cure.” Research has shown that individuals for whom early diagnosis and intervention programs were introduced show tremendous progress and can eventually become mainstreamed into conventional education programs.

Potandon in collaboration with the Autism Society will be supporting the joint efforts of many different agencies and individuals nationwide during Autism Awareness month.  A unique bag closure has been created by the Potandon Marketing Team utilizing two icons – the familiar Autism Ribbon and the Klondike Family kids, inviting consumers to both the Klondike Brands website (www.klondikebrands.com) and the Autism Society website (www.autism-society.org) to learn more about this disorder through the content produced for this event, and to support the cause.  Two million of these specially designed bag closures will be distributed nationwide on select packages of Green Giant® Fresh, Sunfresh®, and other labels of potatoes packaged by Potandon during the promotional period.

Potandon will be co-sponsoring the Autism Society’s Autism Champions through the month of April and will be sharing those stories on the Klondike Brands website.  Potandon will also be supporting the awareness campaign through its social media engines with content being shared with both consumers and the trade on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and through direct e-mailing campaigns.

A new installment of Potandon’s on-line animated series will feature a new character, especially created for this campaign, who is certain to bring a new awareness to the viewership on understanding and accepting someone with autism.    A recently filmed short video shares Potandon’s feelings on Autism support and reminds us that we are all affected by this disorder, some more than others.

Potandon will be making a financial contribution to the Autism Society to help aid the cause.